454 casull and a giraff





Gerhard tells me that some old giraffes in an heard is starting to smell like terpentin,and also when they are shooting a giraffe fore the meat they are always sircling around the animal just to be sure that it hasent started to smell like that.If they have started to smell like terpentin they are not good fore anything else than dog food.And then we are starting the hunt,the bush is very thick and and we passes some rivers that are dry in the winter period,Gerhard suddenly tells me to sit down..he has descovered something in the bushes infront,he points and points but i cant see anything at all.He sees about 5-6 animals just 100 yards away.After about 20 minutes a big giraffe bull starts to feed a little bit to the right of the heard.so this will give us a good chance ....i thought...iwas wrong suddenly it runned in a small warthog and discovered us at once,and on the left side a small heard of buffalos was looking straight at us at 70 yards.the warthog had enough...screaming like hell and off he went.The giraffes now splitted up in 2 groups,and now i see 7 of them,one old bull with a nice black back.we now moves about 20 yards into some thicker bushes and suddenly the big old bull stops infront of us on ca.70 yards.My 454 is already out and i start to aim...the shoot goes off,he marks a good hit and off he went,i gaved him another shoot on ca.100 yards.We waited a couple of minutes before we did anything.he runned about 150 yards before he falled to the ground,i runned over and gave him extra shoot in the neck of the bull,the hunt was over