we are travelling out to piet`s farm early in the morning.we let off gunnar and piet by the first waterhole.
me and my ph jonny are going to the other side of the farm.the time is now 7 am and we are sitting in a treestand.after an half hour jonny sees a big kudu.we sat quiet as he...
cause you wont make a sound when it is kudu infront of you.the bull slowly comming towards us and i gently pull out my contender .there at last killzone in sight bom first and only shoot went off.the kudu only runned about 50 meters,dead,
the kudu measured 54,5 inches







it was starting to get dark and suddenly there was a couple of duikers running .we sat and watched them fore a short while and then they took off.but the suddenly an old ram was standing infront of us eating gras and i get up my contender in 444.ups suddenly the duiker starts to run around .before he stops broadside on 80 meter.bom duiker down 1 trophy on this hunt.





another contender also have being in the wind today,Gunnar shoot this nice impala with his
30/30Win Contender 10 inch barrel.he used a hornady interlock 130 gr.Gunnar shoot this impala from 40 meter and it runned about 50 meters