have stalked fore oryx the whole day.the time is now 5.45 pm.suddenly jonny sees a oryx.
we went down on our knees and crawled fore some few feet.i sees it ,lifts up my contender and aiming,,,shit to much bush in the way. we crawled a little longer and a worthog passes us just a couple of feets besides us but he didnt see us good,after a few minutes we sees the oryx again on 60 meters,i lift up my contender and shootthe oryx runned about 200 meters.
it was also to dark to take trophee picture out in the bush so we took it outside the slaugther house insted




Kristian was sitting in a blind ,this kudu was inne by the waterhole 3 times
before kristian was able to shoot it.
this was the first time kristian was sitting in a blind and also the last he says.
2 days with walk and stalk hunting is the way of hunt that he prefer to do from now on.