this was the very first time i ever have shooten and animal with a pistol.5 inch STI in 38 super
and 8,5 grain with N-105 and 147 gr.hornady xtp did the work well.shooten from 20 meters (65 ft)
he runned ca 70 meters (212 ft) it was a bullseye shoot and the bullet went straight threw.




it took many hours from we sat down to the first animals started to show up.the first kudueas that camed was very nervous.suddenly they runned away,something had sceared them,a dog was standing under the treeblind that we sat had runned after us 20 minutes drive from the farm.Then 2 kudubulls showed up they were very nervous,but after half an hour i was able to get a clean shoot,the kudu runned ca. 50 meter


the rifle dude at this years hunt have shooten this huge impala on 70 meters


It is starting to get lait so we agree to travel back to the farm.
on the road comming put of the bush fredrik saw a big kudu on 550 ft.(180 meters)
he brakes the car very carefully and i lift up the rifle on the back of the bakkie,
a perfect neck shoot and the kudu goes straight down.



i am laying in thick bush near a waterhole,the distance is not longer than 25 meters.i warthog is comming in fore drinking.he is standing with the butt against me so there is no way that i am gonne shoot now,suddenly he is standing with the side against me,i lift up carefully my 454 casull and bang,the pig goes strait down.perfect.alex my ph is going to get the car.
after 10 minutes suddenly an impala showed up i decided to try fore a shoot.but suddenly a (go away bird)screamed and the impala tok off.hmm maybe it will come back if i sitt completely still,and so it di,after 10 minutes he shoved up again.
and the shoot this time was just as good as the warthog,i have never in my life shooten 2 animals in a short time like this.