we had walked all day but havent got so many fireing oppurtunitis,maybe it was us that messed up the whole thing,difficult to say.but a couple of days earlyer little peet and the guys have made a blind out of thorn brushes.me and annar and cobus our ph went inn it.me and annar talked about whoos gonne shoot first ,,it was me.after 1 hour cobus hird that bird that sometimes sit on the back of the animals and then suddenly a big oryx was standing there.me and annar ofcourse did not hear that bird.and after 10 minutes the oryx walked up to the waterhole.he started to drink with the front against us,he lifted his head and i took the decission,bom oryx went off ,he runned 70 meter 210 ft. how an 360 grain lead bullet behave can you read about here