This was going to be very first bowhunt ever.we were on the bowhunting place that we were 2 years ago.It started last time we were in africa...bowhunting should be tested.We came home 2 yers ago bought a couple of matthews bows and started to get lessons from the most experienced bowhunter in Norway
Tom Nitteberg.after many hours of shooting and mental preperation we started to get ready.Understanded quickly that this is going to be atlest as difficult as handgun hunting.The first day in africa i was sitting in 12 ft.high blind.i have not sitted so much in blinds before so i thought this was going to be easy.I was so wrong,sat in the blind the whole day it was a lot of animals that camed in to the blind and i tryed to draw the bow.shit not easy at all,everytime i tried to and off they went.
after 5 hours a waterbuck bull was standing 300 ft away,i was then standing in the blind.after 50 minutes he was infront of me at 25 yards,then he started to drink ...i drawed the bow and then he looked me strait in the eyes.i relised the arrow and off he went like a rocket.I waited fore a while and then started to track a freeway of blood.after 1000 ft i founded him...dead.The arrow was still inside the animal so i saw that it was a perfekt shoot.Thought it was a little strange to shoot an animal without a big bang,but it was difficult as hell.That guy that tells me that this is easy hunting have never tried this before