This days hunt should take plase on another farm.Both Rune an i should hunt with Neil today.Rune was still going on with his handgun so he decided to try to walk and stalk hunt around some waterholes.But i decided to try fore an eland bull ore and waterbuck.up at the end of the farm the tracker pics up som huge waterbuck tracks.After over 1 hour tracking the waterbuck we saw it fore the first time,but he saw us first and off he went.the next couple of hours we tracked him,and everytime we got a little bit nearer he dissepeared into thicker we gave up and decided to take lunch.and after luch we decided to try fore the waterbuck again,but everywhere we went the wind was totaly impossible.and suddenly we scared up and waterbuck and off he went also .we decided to go home fore the evening and picked up Rune that had shoot an impala.on the way home we see anther big waterbuck bull so Neal and i jumped of the vehicle.but he saw us and runned away,we after and after 4-500 meter we saw him into thick bush,he was only 70-80 meters avay,i decided to take a shoot,and down he went.What a beatiful trophy





  here has mr casull shoot an blesbuck on 10 meters,the animal had to be shoot with the 454 cause an not so good shoot with the bow