This wildebeest was me second animal that i hunted with a bow.i shoot it at the same place as the waterbuck.that day i felt fore trying to walk and stalk with the bow,but after a couple of hours if founded out that to draw the f... bow without the whole hurd running away was not easy at all.So i went to a blind that was 15 ft above the ground.after a couple of hours there must have been 100 animals of different cinds into the place to drink water.then the wildebeest camed inn,he was super suspicius...he must have smelled me.5 ft away from the water there was a little mud pole,he decided to take a mud bath there,he was all over it ,scratching his butt and rolled over on the side and then he layed down.I lifted the bow and relised the arrow.he raised up the same time,and ofcourse :( only one of the lounges was hitted.we waited about 20 minutes before we went after him.i tracked him about 1000 meter before we found him back som bid trees.throwed the bow avay and pulled out my 454 and the hunt was over.









After a day with mixed emotions on the bowfarm and a lot of animals on close range.a new day begin,we stod up early cause it was a 30 minutes drive up to daves farm.were we should hunt africas eland and oryx.after a 15-20 minutes drive into the huge farm Neil decided to let off the we were alone ,we stalked threw thick and thin bush when we saw this nice impala bull.i have shotten 2 nice impalas before but decided to try fore this one also.he was in a big heard so we used about an hour before we got him in the rifle scope,and down he went.