after Neil and i haved deliverd the impala on the slaughter house we continiued the hunt by feet on dave`s huge farm.i can feel that this is going to be a good day i sayed to Neil,after an half an hour walk Neil saw somthing huge and grey infront of us.look eland he says come lets try to get closer.and off we went.but without luck,the elands went into some thick bush and there they stayed.we had to go around them so that they didnt messed up the rest of the animals that was around there.then we saw an old bull together with an younger one on ca.700 meter,and this time the wind was perfect.after an very long cravling trip we were on shooting distance,they havent discovered us yet.i raised up very gently and aimed on the old bull and relised the shoot.the eland runned about 30 meter before he dropped.






This was an very exiting hunt,all alone in the african bush.crused around in several hours and lokked fore animals.byt not easy to stalk them close enough fore open sight distance.then i founded a very small waterhole.i digded a whole behind some bushes big enough to get my butt in it.satt there many hours and there was may different cind of animals there,but not easy to get a perfect shoot not even in a waterhole.but then this impala showed up and i got a nice the way the only animal shooten with handgun on this trip