In south afica there is an tradision that you shall eat the balls of the first african animal that you kill.they tryed to fool me also on my first trip to south africa 8 years ago.But with no luck.but this time there was a guy Kristian was his name joined us on the trip to africa.after my first meeting with him on the shooting range the plan was made.it was his first trip to africa so i have to made him eating that balls.and so he did

we take a look on the pictures of his gourmet meal.he he



Me and his PH Fredrik planned the whole thing.the group was told that something special was served today but fore only one of the guests.I told his wife about the plan and she almost died of laughter.Kristian didnt know enything..




The balls was served,everybody wondered ...will he eat??





His first meeting with the balls,
kristian was laughting wide and high,just as he thought that he would get avay with it.

that was wrong.



now his face has started to change collor,maybe he is planning a little revenge to casull??

i must look over my shoulder the next days.



He starting to cut the balls.the knife is not working,what is wrong? nothing ,the balls is almost the same as old car tyres



Kristian thinks his smart.eating onion first to take away the taste of the balls?he is wrong ,casull and the PH has infront cooked the onion in a special way so it tasted nothing.



He did it,.....eated the balls doesnt looks like he joined it but that wasn`t the point.
good luck kristian beacause next year you have told me that you shall shoot eland ,and those balls are humongus.